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Treat for Melbourne Navaratra fest


Melbourne: Three very talented Indian musicians and singers, a priest and Mahamandeleshwar Swami Nityananda are coming to Melbourne in April to celebrate Navaratra. They will lead two programs of music and chanting in Melbourne on April 2 and 3 before starting their first 10-day Navaratra retreat in Somers, an hour from Melbourne. Everyone is welcome for just the day or may stay as long as desired.

The retreat will include live music, Sanskrit chanting, yoga, fire ceremonies and delicious meals.

“As one starts internalising the process, one begins to see the beauty within oneself and then the entire external world becomes beautiful as well,” says Swami Nityananda.

Swami Nityananda, 56, who has four Shanti Mandir ashrams in India and the US, was born in Mumbai and initiated into the Saraswati order of monks in 1980 when he was just 18. At age 32, he was awarded the title of Mahamandaleshwar in recognition of his spiritual attainment.

Swami Nityananda’s impeccable English and knowledge of Western culture allow audiences to grasp the Vedic teachings with ease. He makes spirituality a practical part of modern-daily reality.

Shanti Mandir ashrams also support community projects and charitable activities around the world.

(Dates:  April 2-3 programs from 7-9pm in the Pavilion at Edwin Flack Park in Port Melbourne, corner of Todd and Williamstown roads)


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