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Towards a green Indian Cultural Precinct

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Melbourne: In an effort to make the Indian Cultural Precinct at Dandeomg feel family friendly, welcoming and comfortable, plans are on to carry out tree planting works.

Traders are reminded of the tree planting works which are programmed to take place on Sunday 17th and 24th June and Sunday 1st and 8th July.

15 new street trees will be planted between Thomas Street and the station. While the trees are small they will be protected and supported by a metal tree barrier. Existing street trees on the northern side of the street will be retained, but their bases at the footpath will be altered to eliminate tripping hazards and improve root access to rain water, a bulletin issued by Dandenong Activity Centre, Indian Cultural Precinct said.

In Foster Street there has long been a gradual loss of trees resulting in most of the trees missing from the south side of the street. Trees, greenery and landscaping were prominent themes through the development of the Framework. Therefore it was considered an important part of making the street feel family friendly, welcoming and comfortable.

There are more than 900 street trees throughout central Dandenong adding much loved greenery and amenity for pedestrians.

Precinct Branding and Colour Palette
A pilot project was undertaken in May 2018 to demonstrate the visual impact of applying precinct branding (tassels) and an agreed colour palette to building facia and veranda structures. This pilot is considered a benchmark and will be used to inform an expanded roll out in the rest of the precinct.

A designer is currently being engaged by Council to consider the best way to apply the precinct branding & the expanded colour palette to shop fronts & improve the overall visual impact of the precinct.

Traders may be contacted by the designer in the August to discuss how their shop can be part of the changes underway.

More Parking Spaces & Reduced Fees
Council monitors parking usage across central Dandenong to understand patterns and occupancy rates. Following a recent review in the Indian Cultural Precinct, a new lower fee of $1 per hour (currently $1.80) will become effective on 1 July. This aims to make on street parking more convenient for shoppers and visitors.

In addition there has been a review of parking layouts in Foster and Mason Streets. Line marking will be adjusted shortly to create a number of extra on-street parking spaces.

Indian Cultural Precinct Framework
The Indian Cultural Precinct Framework sets a strategic direction for the partnership between the Victorian Government, Multicultural Affairs and Social Cohesion Division, Development Victoria and City of Greater Dandenong to deliver the shared vision over the short, medium and long term.

The Framework captures community aspirations and will assist in guiding future development of the Indian offer in Dandenong. It includes a shared vision for Melbourne’s Premier Indian Precinct and identifies 140 initiatives categorised under the six Precinct Objectives.

(Press release)

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