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Eurostar train hits wild boar in France

Paris: Passengers of the high-speed railway service Eurostar experienced delays on Sunday (Oct 2) after a train hit a wild boar that had strayed onto the track, media report said.

The service from London St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord was delayed for about an hour on Sunday after hitting the animal in the Haute Picardie area of northern France, BBC reported.

According to a Eurostar spokesman, the temporary speed restrictions put in place resulted in the minor delays and the train arrived safely at the Paris terminus.

“The collision caused a few delays as the train was stopped to be checked,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying.

“After any collision we need to make sure everything is safe. There are wild boars in that area, which can take it upon themselves to roam from their area onto the track,” the spokesperson added.

No one was injured and there has been no information about the wild boar. (IANS)

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