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If you are in Melbourne, the chances are you have seen and heard this duo – Anmol and Aman. One of the most happening young DJs in town, they synthesise music and genres to make it a truly unique experience. Growing up in Australia, they had uncannily similar upbringings learning musical instruments and attending family and social events where they felt a certain gap in what their family and friends were listening to and the trend outside. But it was after Anmol’s 21st birthday where Aman was the DJ that they both decided to collaborate given that they both shared an inherent love for music. They decided to give people more taste and style with their knack to inspire people with their music. Thus was born Enigmatic, their brand that is now making waves in Melbourne. While Aman is more into UK style of hip hop and R&B, Anmol is more into Bollywood and new school, the commercial 40 house, thus bringing the perfect amalgam. The two, who met through common friends, are lapping up all the adulation coming their way. In this exclusive interview, they talk about what ticks and what is happening in the world of entertainment.

How do you define your music?
We have been working together for three years now. And our music is a mix of everything. It varies from gig to gig. We like to do different things every time, we don’t like to have the same mixes or play the same songs. We try to tailor it to the client and the crowd at the time, so we don’t like to have a cookie cutter approach to the way we do things.

What is behind the name Enigmatic?
Enigmatic means mysterious. Our aim as an entertainment company is to provide a unique experience at each function. We like to engage with our clients before an event and try to make it as bespoke as possible, providing entertainment that reflects the client’s personality. Each Enigmatic party is different and has a mysterious allure keeping guests guessing as to what to expect.

Is your music specially curated for events?
Most people who approach us have obviously heard about us in the past. So we mix our music. We don’t only play Indian, we mix English into the Indian, have library mixes. People appreciate that and that’s what makes us different. Also the other thing is the interaction with the crowd. From what we know, other DJs don’t provide that – they don’t get on the mic, hype up the crowd and get them involved. We are happy to hold the mic and emcee the night as well. At least that’s not a lot of what we see in the Indian circuit. For us, that is something that brings in business as well because people enjoy that. That makes a big difference because it’s all well and good for someone to play 2-3 hours’ worth of music but if you are not talking to the crowd and not getting them involved, people get shy and miss out on the fun.

How do you work as a team?
When one is DJing , the other is on the mic and vice versa. While most things are computerised, not everything is pre-programmed. Everything is happening live, so it’s really about building up the atmosphere and going with the flow of the party. There’s not a moment in the night where one of us has his hands crossed and the other one is only playing the music. The person who is not DJing at the time is reading the crowd and sending some feedback about how the crowd is reacting and taking requests from the audience. There is a lot of communication going on. We are mindful of the fact that everyone is looking at us, so if we are sitting with a long face and our arms crossed, we are not going to emit that infectious enjoyment of the night. It’s a two-man company but sometimes we get helping hands from friends if it is a big party.

What types of events do you cater to?
We focus more on corporate events and weddings. We do little bit of anniversaries, birthdays, and private functions here and there. Regardless of the client, we see what is in their budget and go with that. Other companies have set prices for weddings, corporates, birthdays etc. even though the setup is the same. We are fair for everyone.
Typically we spend 5 hours, say, from 7pm-12am, but again depending on the venue and how many hours the client has booked us for, we can go longer or shorter. It depends on how the night has been organised. We could have a dance segment that goes only for an hour or more recently we have been having dance segments that go on for 3-4 hours. Good 60 per cent of time is us DJing. We do close to 50 events a year.

What’s your ritual before a gig?
We do a lot of consultation work with our clients before an event. There is going to be at least one meeting, half a dozen phone calls and emails that are getting shared. We ask our clients their must- haves or songs that they don’t want. That gives us a good sense. But then again, you just can’t be guided by that. Sometimes the bride and groom could come up with a list of 100 songs and on the night the crowd might not just feel that music. That’s where you have to be able to think on your feet and be flexible enough to adapt.

What is the high of a big night?
When we finish up and the crowd don’t want to leave. When you get the family members and everyone else come up to thank you, when you get some pats on the back or handshakes and people wanting our cards. And having the dance floor full. If we have 60-70 per cent of the guests on the dance floor, it is a successful night. So those are all good signs and of a good night. But having said that, we do have challenging times too. For instance, there are some fastidious brides who want a certain light scheme at a certain time, say, sunset coming into the venue with lasers and things like that, which does not work. As much as it is about keeping clients happy we also have to be realistic and be able to give our input and guide them because sometimes the vision they have in mind is not necessarily going to work at that venue or that particular time. It’s a matter of being professional and guiding them through. Patience is the biggest things for bridezillas (laughs).

How does your approach compare with other DJs who are into fusion?
Close collaboration with the clients before the event to get a true understanding of the music they love as well as what they think their guests will enjoy. We then add our own touch on the night by reading the crowd. When one person is DJ’ing the other is playing a vital role of keeping the crowd hyped over the mic and observing the crowd’s reaction and being the “selector” communicating with the DJ and bouncing ideas of what song to play next or what mix to use next.

What’s your target audience?
We don’t have a niche market and we are targeting not just the Indian market. We are the only Indian company that is targeting the general population. That was always our vision. We don’t want to restrict ourselves to Indians. There is an interest and demand for fusion. There are so many generations now and we got to cater to everyone. Sometimes in weddings you have three generations – the oldies, the moms and dads, and the current generation of kids. You got to keep everybody entertained. It’s not a choice, you have to entertain everyone.

Your journey so far?
Technically we publicly launched the company last year but we have been privately working together for long. As a brand we have been in it for 12 months. But since launching we have been booked out non-stop. We already had international functions in Auckland and Phuket and also interstate. We are getting lot of work through social media, our website and it’s coming from everywhere now because people know about the brand.
So far it has been a hundred per cent track record. Everybody has left happy. It’s the professionalism and the way we conduct ourselves, the consultation we do with our clients that by the time it comes to the main day they are not nervous as they have a trust in what we do.

Who are your role models?
DJ KSR – Canada
Decibel Entertainment – Canada
Music Speaks Volumes – USA
Kudos Roadshow – UK
Calibar Roadshow – UK
Jags Klimax
Bupps Saggu

What are some other highlights of 2017, whether past or upcoming?
Been flown out to Auckland to DJ for NYE at Sky city Casino and interstate corporate events in Cairns and Townsville. Offered to DJ a wedding in Phuket but dates didn’t work out.
Huge 50th birthday at the Langham hotel where we got to use our new and exciting CO2 gun which the crowd absolutely loved. Have provided our services at all major 5-Stars hotels and various premium venues around Melbourne. Received a 5-star rated preferred supplier award from Easyweddings.com.au
Already booked out in Jan – March next year.

By Indira Laisram

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